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Dear Fellow Traveler on the Path,

You are cordially invited to subscribe to the new monthly newsletter - The Toltec Path, a Publication from the Toltec Mystery School.

Since some thirty years ago when Carlos Castaneda first brought the esoteric teachings of the Toltecs out into the open the powerful techniques and processes of the Toltecs for spiritual growth have slowly been entering the consciousness of spiritual seekers throughout the world. The Toltec Mystery School embodies these teachings and by way of a newsletter will make them available to those sincerely interested.

This free newsletter will contain exciting content such as;

  • Guide Posts - articles from your guides, Kris and Kalyn
  • The Toltec Warrior's Medicine Bag - processes and techniques to use on your path.
  • Ask The Guides - You may email questions about the Toltec Path and your own personal journey. In each issue we will answer up to three questions from subscribers.

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We look forward to your presence on our journey!

Love and Light,

Kris and Kalyn

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